Arlin Dueck


Executive Director, Talent, Harvest Builders

Arlin is the Executive Director of Talent at Harvest Builders, with over a decade of experience intersecting human resources and technology. Born and raised in Manitoba, Arlin has lived and worked in 6 different countries and is passionate about the diversification and growth of new businesses that span innovation both nationally and internationally. As a leader in bringing the world’s talent to tech, he has assembled founding teams for new ventures by guiding recruitment, systems, and talent management. Arlin is an expert in recruitment and has played a pivotal role across many hypergrowth companies such as SkipTheDishes and Neo Financial, building teams from the ground up to accelerate scaling for hitting the next milestone. Throughout his career, he’s developed talent strategies to time matching the right candidates, companies, and roles. His unique expertise lies in large-scale tech recruitment, immigration guidance, and onboarding, and he has led international recruitment missions to hire hundreds of people and facilitate immigration with their families to Canada. At Harvest, Arlin is creating new opportunities and transforming startups into the name brands of tomorrow, matching groundbreaking tech in Canada with the talent that can take it to new heights.