This two-part event will start with peer-led, face-to-face dialogues over breakfast where YOUR mental first aid is the focus.  Share experiences and gain practical tools to reset together with fellow people and culture leaders who can relate to the uniquely challenging road you have travelled. 

Part two dives into a strategic presentation about how workforce expectations have changed and that it is essential to rethink how you support the well-being of your employees by implementing a sound strategy first.  

7:30 – 8:10 Breakfast & Peer Connections. A time to assess ‘How are YOU doing?

As leaders it is critical that you take care of your own well-being. Unpack some of the challenges you have been through with other delegates and participate in an optional mental health check-in to assess your own stress and well-being.  Stepping back to assess your own mental health may be the best way to help others in both your private and professional life.

8:10 – 8:30 Tackling Employee Wellness Head On – Building Organizational Health in a Changing Workforce

As workforce expectations shift, employers need to adapt to provide holistic support for the well-being of their employees to build a more resilient workforce.

This session will explore the new definition of employee wellness and challenge HR leaders to re-think their workforce support to build organizational health for an unpredictable future. Attendees will learn:

  • How the definition of employee wellness has changed
  • Considerations for building organizational health and fostering a culture of well-being
  • The role of leadership in supporting employee health & wellness
  • Where to invest resources to improve the quality of life and work for employees

Limited capacity. Pre-registration required.