A recent McKinsey report shows that the #1 reason individuals were leaving their roles was lack of development and that an estimated 85% of the jobs available in 2030 don’t exist yet.  It is more important than ever to evaluate employee skills to retain talent, and to future proof your organization by identifying the adaptability of individuals to new ways of working or moving into entirely new jobs. Many companies struggle to understand the breadth of skills of their workforce, outdated processes fail to track the most sought-after abilities of future talent (such as critical thinking, mental flexibility and relationship building) and leaders fail to understand how valuable this data is for reaching future business goals and building your competitive edge.  This session will look at data with a skills lens and uncover the top abilities you should be tracking, how to measure them and tips to maximize the ROI on this information.


  • Apply learnings towards developing a plan for your organization to move towards being driven by skills (and how to sell this plan to your leadership team)
  • Move from having training as a perk to using training to drive the right growth, upskilling and reskilling
  • Hear the top 7 skills you should be seeking to fill your future talent needs
  • Learn how skills data is the key to merging HR analytics with business analytics