Julie DeBuhr


Senior HR Director, 1Password

Julie DeBuhr is an experienced global Human Resource/Employee Relations senior professional with a human-centered and practical approach to leading People teams. Her career has taken her through Pier 1, Nike, New Relic and InVision – all filled with scrappy, smart and special folks.

Now Senior HR Director at 1Password, Julie is overseeing a period of extraordinary growth and transformation, and helping to build a world-class team with the best possible systems and processes at their disposal. 

As a champion of remote working, she is committed to building teams without borders. Her goal is to always provide expert-level advice and coaching to leaders and their teams to help build strong employee engagement, making the most of the latest HR tech to meet today’s employees where they are.

A skill that has served Julie well over her career has been her ability to “translate” for employees – for example, explaining a complex HR process in a straightforward way, or helping her HR team understand the complexities of an IT system to make sure it will be used effectively.

Her work contributes to the functional strategy by helping leaders identify, prioritize, and build organizational capabilities, behaviors, structures, and processes. Her favorite question is “what problem are you trying to solve?” – her favorite thing to do is find the solution.