Shirley Andriesh


Head of HR Exports and Expansions, Amazon

Shirley has been working in Tech for over a decade, and has been with Amazon since 2020 first working across businesses to build out their people strategies and support their growth in Canada, and is now leading HR for Amazon Exports and Expansions globally. Prior to Amazon she led People and Operations teams in the entertainment and emerging tech industries where she built infrastructures from scratch, innovated existing ones, scaled organizations by 300+ employees, led an organization through an acquisition by an international company, and took an organization through bankruptcy filings. Shirley is extremely passionate about driving organizational change and transformation through people, technology, and process. In addition to her HR background Shirley is also a certified immigration consultant, this certification enables the organizations she partners with to remain competitive in hiring and retaining niche top talent.

Beyond her innate curiosity to learn and drive to gain new experiences, Shirley is a mother of two (a 6 year old and a 3 year old) and is a strong advocate of community building and advancement.