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2022 VanHack Global Tech Hiring Report

Discover the latest trends in international tech hiring

  • Know the latest salaries for remote and relocation tech roles
  • Identify the most in-demand tech roles
  • Map out the best regions to source and hire tech talent

This guide contains over 20 pages of tips, FAQs and links to resources!

Access trusted industry data on all things tech hiring - the most in-demand roles, salaries, hottest countries to hire from, and trending work models.

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VanHack has helped over 600+ companies hire the best tech talent in the world


Hire Diverse Tech Talent

VanHack is a leading tech recruitment platform that has helped over 600 companies hire top tech talent.  With a diverse global talent pool of 400,000+ software engineers, we vet and match the best candidates to your remote or relocation tech roles.

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