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Closing the Pay Parity Gap Top of Mind for HR Tech Professionals in 2021

HR professionals working in the tech sector have spent the last year navigating pandemic-driven challenges, and now a new recruitment challenge is surfacing. Leslie Collin, CPHR, VP People & Culture at Unbounceexplains how closing the pay parity gap will ensure competitive recruitment for your company.

Leslie Collin, CPHR, VP People & Culture at Unbounce reveals what tech sector HR professionals need to know for 2021.
  • How the pandemic has made hiring exceptional tech talent way more challenging.
  • Why shrinking the pay parity gap should be your most important priority of 2021.
  • Know the most important first step toward closing the pay parity gap.
  • Find out who’s done it best and how they did it.
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The myth of bringing your full, authentic self to work

Writer Jodi-Ann Burey outlines steps toward exposing privilege and achieving true equity on the job -- and implores those in leadership positions to accept responsibility for change.

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