Lidia Pawlikowski


Associate Vice President, Health Consulting, HUB International

Lidia Pawlikowski is a Health Consultant from HUB International, with 20 years of wellness industry experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating strategic health-related programs in the workplace. 

Lidia has successfully worked with many national organizations of all sizes and all industry sectors to empower them to make workplace health decisions that are rooted in best practice strategies that is focused on the total health of their employees (physical, mental, financial, social, etc.). These strategies assess and recommend targeted actions to improve organizational and employee health and well-being, safety and performance, mitigate risk and enhance operational efficiency, all of which contribute to improving Return on Investment (ROI).

Lidia also has a passion for educating others and has had the pleasure of teaching at Centennial College in the Post-Diploma Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion Program.