The only constant in the tech industry is change. Amidst volatility, the need for HR and leadership to steady the ship and prepare for all outcomes is a necessity – especially today when news can go viral almost instantly. The successful rollout of an organizational transformation relies heavily on how the change is communicated to employees and other stakeholders. Creating a compelling narrative is the first step. Developing a playbook to get buy-in and guide the dissemination of information at all levels can make all the difference. Learn the importance of a narrative in addressing the ‘what’ and ‘why’ to diverse stakeholders and how you can create a shared understanding amongst your team to guide you into the future. 


  • How to develop your narrative and a play book to gain buy-in
  • The Three T’s: Trust, transparency, timing 
  • Coaching leaders to articulate change in a way everyone understands through storytelling and connecting the what and the why
  • Be proactive and anticipate all outcomes