In addition to highlighting their products and services, tech companies may increasingly focus on their corporate social responsibility initiatives in their employer branding efforts. Candidates are likely to be attracted to companies that demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability, social justice, and ethical business practices.  Learn tactical takeaways to help tech companies leverage social responsibility as a key component of their employer branding strategy, attracting top talent who are motivated by more than just financial incentives.

  • Brand Messaging: Tips on how to share your company’s commitment to social responsibility is effectively communicated in all employer branding materials, including job postings, career pages, and recruitment events.  
  • Empower Employee Advocacy: Encourage employees to share their experiences and involvement in social responsibility initiatives on social media platforms. Learn which resources and support to become ambassadors for your employer brand, showcasing the meaningful work your company is doing beyond just technology. 
  • Measure and Showcase Impact: Examples of ways to implement metrics to track the impact of your social responsibility efforts to create compelling narratives that demonstrate your company’s commitment to making a difference in the world. 
  • Engage with Purpose-Driven Candidates: Tips on how to tailor your recruitment strategies to attract candidates who are aligned with your company’s values and social mission – emphasizing how their work can have a positive impact on society.