First came the great resignation, then came the quiet quitting and then layoffs. Are you ready for the great re-shuffle? Your low attrition numbers aren’t low because employee satisfaction is at an all time high – the economy, tech layoffs and interest rates are playing a major part. Tech employees are anxiously waiting for the economy and hiring to kick-start again and when it does, a great re-shuffle of talent will happen across every major player in tech. What will this mean for retention of top performers? What will this mean for your onboarding? The current lull gives smart HR teams an opportunity to look at people practices and hone in on what’s needed to welcome a new batch of talent, arm leaders with change management skills to navigate flux and prep the organization for knowledge loss.

Attendees will leave with practical approaches to start discussions with business leaders on how to properly prepare every part of the employee offering including perks/benefits, talent attraction, leader development and onboarding for the swift in and out of talent that will take place over the next 18-24 months.