The Future of Work is here, we’re told. We can take Zoom calls from the beach, with flip flops and board shorts on the bottom and a blazer and button down on top. Our talent pool is bigger. Our salary spreadsheet is more complicated. And all our teams are fighting.

On the heels of one impossible ask after another, people teams are now asked to solve everything from isolation to misalignment to the org-wide sense that something’s amiss.

This session is about that something. That nagging sense that for all the advancement, we haven’t quite cracked it (yet). World experts on management, Melissa and Johnathan Nightingale, have worked with thousands of leaders in every configuration of organization. They’ll share practical tips for building sustainable, engaged orgs, wherever you are. And they’ll talk about the unlikely allies who can lighten your workload.


  • Understand why so many teams are experiencing high levels of org-wide interpersonal strife right now and the surprising solution.
  • Learn how to build a remote, hybrid, or in-office culture that actually sets your teams up to thrive, and why it won’t work to copy someone else’s.
  • Identify the allies and co-conspirators you will need to usher in a better present of work for your entire org.