Charlyne Fothergill

Senior HR Business Partner,

I am data driven operator that prides myself on my strategic thinking and ability to get sh*t done. Although my career path has been a winding one I have a strong operational HR background and have learned a TON about building and growing a business through advising and consulting for startups and in my role at the rapidly growing Lighthouse Labs!

A creative thinker combined with being a natural hustler- I’m always on the look out on how to do things better. “OMG I have an idea!”

I have been in the tech ecosystem since 2011 and can sum up my experience as punching above my weight class.. while running on a treadmill!

Read- I’m comfortable being uncomfortable and change and chaos is what gets me out of bed in the AM. I rarely have had a chance to be ‘the expert’ before everything changes and I need to figure it all out all over again.

At Lighthouse Labs I created the Career Services department and now mange it across 6 locations with 6 direct reports within a matrix management structure. Benchmarks, KPI’s, reporting and feedback loops are what I eat for breakfast (well that and PB on toast!)
-Ask me about my conversion rates!

I have strong connections across Canada and SF. I love to make connections, create partnerships and help find ways to elevate each other. I believe strongly in an abundance mentality.

I am naturally a collaborative person and love being part of a team while enjoying autonomy and the ability to innovate.

I combine a strong business and financial acumen with the ability to handle tough employee relation, disciplinary and termination situations with confidence and compassion.

Upbeat and outgoing personality, with a genuine interest in the people I work with makes my overall contribution to company culture second to none.

Steller recruitment experience in a high volume environment with proven to close candidates through relationship building and understanding of “selling” a company and position.