By 2025 Gen Z will account for nearly 30% of our workforce, and many will be starting their first full-time jobs in remote and hybrid environments. Known as the diverse digital generation, how Gen Z works, communicates, and navigates their careers challenges the legacy norms of our workplaces, including the career growth systems that Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y are used to. 

Rather than rushing to climb the same ladder as their parents, Gen Zers are eager to move through a playground of professional opportunities that lead to skills development, dynamic work experiences, and career exploration. Because most workplaces need more time to be ready for this change, how we develop and retain our future leaders is at risk.

Organizations and their HR Leaders should work toward finding the answer to this critical question: How do our workplaces support the career needs of Gen Z while navigating four vastly different generations working together? This session will explore how swapping the career ladder for a career lattice is part of the solution. By providing steps to building a new career growth system, attendees will leave the session with a framework for alleviating development pain points, preparing our future tech leaders, and even narrowing the generational divide.

Learning outcomes:

  • Action steps for designing a career lattice that supports the career needs of Gen Zers and aligns with organizational goals
  • Uncover generational biases that impede team dynamics, an integral component of effective employee development
  • A greater understanding of what Gen Z professionals seek in employers and people managers