Systemic change is needed to attract and retain more Indigenous employees in the tech sector to support diversity, equity, inclusion, innovation, and reconciliation. Organizations should be more authentic and intentional on how they foster and recruit tech talent amongst Indigenous peoples. This session will uncover how the existing frameworks and core values of most tech companies present fundamental conflicts that actively exclude underrepresented talent – and learn tactical tips on how you can remove barriers in both recruitment and retention. Gain insights on how to actively seek out Indigenous perspectives and go beyond simply inviting them to the table by providing them a culturally safe workplace.


  • Benefits of integrating an Indigenous lens on mental health in the workplace (and the impact if you don’t)
  • Key elements to building an inclusive workplace where Indigenous tech talent can thrive and succeed
  • Advice for finding, hiring, supporting, leading and retaining Indigenous tech talent
  • Get a copy of an EDIB mental health toolkit that you can start using today