Garth Johnson


Chief Executive Officer, Auticon

An experienced veteran of the web’s startup world, Garth Johnson has an infectious and memorable style that can be attributed to his breadth of experience. In the early days, Johnson developed his unique approach through television writing and production, copy editing, and market research. Garth is bringing Meticulon his experience as an executive at Fotolia and iStockphoto, both leaders in the ever-changing, dynamic microstock industry with a relatively straightforward approach: business and community are linked at all levels – something Meticulon is about as well.

Embracing this philosophy, coupled with his trademark humorous twist, Johnson develops business relations and strategic partnerships as our CEO. Because of his business experience owning and managing several entrepreneurial businesses and his personal experience having a child with disabilities, Johnson became inspired to build the team that would make Meticulon’s vision of being not only the first but also the best IT Consulting firm in Canada to employ the unique abilities of our consultants with autism.

He led Fotolia in their successful mission to expand throughout the North American market by using the resources he developed as Vice President of Business and Community Development for iStockphoto and as Vice President of Business Development for Cinemage Software L.P., part of The ACT Cinemage Group. He shares this vision with an ambitious team, who describe Johnson as someone who leads by example. He innately blends his experiences, talent, and vision to provide a clear direction. Brainstorming sessions are fuelled by thinking outside the box and continually pushing the creative envelope. And that’s what keeps Johnson coming back for more – the privilege of continuing to learn from others and the ability to influence people to tackle their ambitions.