Join this closing keynote to hear practical insights and tactical strategies for navigating the complex landscape of AI, technology, talent, and culture, on innovation and productivity. As the leaders who are often charged with creating the right structures and guardrails around what ideation to innovation looks like, HR often feel pressure to harmonize control of brand and behaviour with championing innovation. In this closing keynote, Anna Baird will opensource a few ingredients around Google’s innovation approach, her experience in broader tech and how opportunities to innovate can be executed through digestible activities in your environment and empowerment of your people.  Join us as we unlock the secrets to fostering innovation, empowering your people, and navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape with confidence and agility.  

  What you will learn:

  • Generative AI for Innovation: Discover how Gen AI is empowering (or supercharging) the way organizations create and learn – harnessing your power to drive meaningful change within your organization
  • Agility in the ever-changing hybrid working norms: Learn how to leverage new working norms models to enhance productivity, collaboration leading to employee engagement and happiness. 
  • Embracing Data-Driven Decision Making: Explore strategies for data and analytics to inform strategy and drive business growth.