Challenge stereotypes, ask questions, and hear first-hand stories about the good, bad, and exclusive work experiences from our VIP group of storytellers in our connection zone (based on the concept of the ‘Human Library’ experience).  Have authentic 15-minute conversations with diverse individuals representing groups that may otherwise fall outside of your recruiting radar. Our goal is to raise awareness of what it truly takes to create inclusive workspaces and corporate cultures that attract, engage, and retain talent from individuals typically overlooked in the search for tech talent. 

For example hear:

  • Common obstacles facing neurodiverse employees and jobseekers, from challenges interviewing and securing work, to hurdles within the workplace.
  • While developing your talent pipeline, why not talk to teenagers planning to work in tech and hear within the next 5 years. Ask questions and hear their vision of what they will be looking for in a future employer and workplace.
  • Experiences of workplace discrimination for 2SLBGTQQIA+ individuals and how it impacts employees’ health and wellbeing and reduces job commitment and satisfaction.
  • For new immigrants, especially Black People and People of Color, the lack of Canadian credentials and experience compounded by preconceived prejudices results in inequalities in job opportunities.  Hear how as a visible minority, the diverse knowledge and international experience can give them a unique edge in their field.

Attendance for this interactive DEI experience is limited (preregistration is required) but our volunteer storytellers will be networking in the happy hour after conference to make more connections.

Note: our storytellers have generously volunteered to join us for this event and will be given an honorarium for their time. They will share individuals stories and experiences that are not meant to be a  representation of any specific group or community. These conversations should not function as a replacement for assessments, data collection and tangible actions towards building equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Limited capacity. Pre-registration required.