Canada is projected to see exponential growth in the need for tech talent and software developers in particular for the foreseeable future. Retaining top talent reduces your need to compete for talent. With happy employees being less susceptible to talent poaching, understanding their intrinsic motivation to stay (or join) your company is key. Can you compete for talent against deeply funded tech companies moving into Canada?

Although salaries need to be competitive, money isn’t everything! Learn innovative strategies, including values-based approaches for keeping your high performers, even as a smaller organization.  

You will learn:    

  • Competing for top software development talent 
  • How to attract top software developers and keep them   
  • To develop your employer value proposition (holistic benefits, work life balance, selling your executive team, work environment, etc.) and strategies for retaining a great team.    
  • Employer retention programs that don’t focus on money.