Jean Parchewsky

VP of People Operations, Vendasta Technologies

As VP of People Operations, Jean Parchewsky is responsible for ensuring Vendasta is continually attracting, developing, and retaining a high performing team. Jean joined Vendasta in 2015 to lead the creation of people programs and strategy to grow the inspiring culture at Vendasta. Completing their Series C in 2021 and recently closing their 3rd acquisition the last few years have been a highlight.

Vendasta has been named Company of the year, the Best Place to work, and Canada’s Top 100 Employers, as well as numerous awards for being an innovative and highly people focused workplace.

Jean is an alumni at the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Psychology. She spent 20 years growing retail leadership brands in Canada such as Zara, Esprit and Target before moving into technology. Jean is involved with the SaskTech Board and has been a speaker at SaaS North, UP Tech conference, Co-Labs, Edwards School of Business, the University of Saskatchewan, and various Women in Technology events.

With over 700 employees Jean leverages her education in psychology and expertise in leading effective teams to ensure the Vendasta team is not just here to work but are able to be their best and live out their passions.