Kelsy Trigg


Global Head HR Advisors, SAP

Kelsy Trigg is an ultrarunner, Race Director, and VP @SAP. Kelsy’s focus on leadership is woven into her role as the Global Head, HR Advisors. Her team, with 60 team members based out of 25 countries, works with, supports, and consults SAP’s 9300 leaders every day. Their motto is #LeadershipMatters.

Self-described as “intentionally stubborn in her pursuit of excellence”, Kelsy has a knack for seeing and fostering strengths in those around her and she brings her love of the mountains to everything she does. She is an avid champion of inclusion and the value of sport in developing leadership. Kelsy brings a unique perspective to her role, as over her 17 years at SAP, she has held a wide range of positions in Professional Services, Customer Support, Maintenance Sales, COO Operations and Human Resources.

Kelsy previously ran her own consulting company of one, holds an Honours Diploma in Computer Systems Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and was an MBA mentor with the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia for 10 years.