Mark Kluchky


Former VP, People at AltaML

Mark Kluchky has spent over 20 years as an HR leader with a passion for employment brand and employee experience. I helped BioWare scale up and go through two acquisitions, the final one by Electronic Arts where he was able to experience life in a large organization.  He has spent time partnering with companies to develop their HR framework – focusing on Talent Acquisition and On-boarding, Performance Management, and Employee and Manager Development.  During that time Mark was also part of a team that built a platform focused on manager performance and enhancing the employee manager relationship.  It was a simple yet powerful planning and performance collaboration platform that drives engagement, focus and achievement.  Most recently Mark spent time as the VP of People for AltaML getting to experience the exciting industry of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

I believe an organization should be built to last. The values of a business should be important to the whole company and should be the guiding principles for all. This allows everyone to know what is important and the framework to use when making decisions. HR should foster a quality workplace where employees are respected, engaged, and enabled to create the best products.

Throughout my time as an HR professional I have come to realize how rewarding it is for me to coach managers and support them to be their best.  I enjoy being a mentor to those on my team and share the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years.