It’s time to flip the motherhood penalty on its head and create the motherhood opportunity. As a leader within your organization, you have a unique ability to advance equity and better support the experiences of mothers, at work and through the transitions of maternity leave.

We invite you to join Maturn Co-Founders for a workshop that will shed light on the impact of maternity leave in Canada, highlight what mothers in Canada are asking for at work and provide effective strategies to create equitable and inclusive work cultures that help mothers thrive.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the motherhood penalty and how it creates barriers to women’s full participation at work in tech
  • Learn about Maturn’s National Research Study on what mothers want at work to stay and grow within inclusive work cultures
  • Receive concrete tools and resources to bring back to your organization that will create more equity for mothers
  • Learn strategies to combat the motherhood penalty and how you and your organization can fully support mothers before, during and after maternity leave