Pam Lee


Director, Human Resources, Blackbird Interactive

Pam’s career in Human Resources started 16 years ago after changing her mind about being a psychologist, then a social worker, then a family lawyer.   She knew she wanted to help people in a meaningful way and being an HR professional has given her the opportunity to create strategies that help people grow and organizations meet their goals.  She’s worked in industries such as hospitality, animation, and gaming. 

Pam is the Director of Human Resources at Blackbird Interactive, an independent game studio in Vancouver that has experienced hypergrowth in a very competitive industry.  The HR team works closely with a dedicated group of people in the studio to create a place where people can innovate, create something that they can be proud of, and focus on putting the employee first.   

Pam is known to have snacks at her desk and always willing to share them.  She’s watched the Sopranos series about 20 times and cries every time she watches Toy Story 3.