Since the start of 2023, over 300 tech companies have laid off 100,000+ workers. These decisions to layoff or furlough employees are not easy for the employers, laid-off workers, or the staff that remains. Maintaining and enhancing company culture after personnel cutbacks may be as challenging to a business as operational downsizing. The ‘new normal’ after layoffs are often littered with feelings of mistrust, burnout, ‘workplace survivors’ guilt, employee disengagement, and high staff turnover.  This session will explore tactical tips on what employers can do to reinforce their commitment to their remaining employees, boost morale, and capitalize the opportunity as a catalyst to improve company culture.


  • Boosting employee morale, trust and persuading your remaining employees to emotionally reinvest in your company after making workforce cuts
  • Strategies to reduce employee turnover and retaining top employees during restructuring
  • The importance of transparency, open communication, and commitment to your corporate values and purpose during restructuring
  • How to ensure DEI measures and initiatives are not forgotten in the process and aftermath of layoffs