As leaders, we know how important it is to BE the change as we navigate and lead change within our teams and organizations. Within the context of our rapidly changing and increasingly divided teams, organizations and world, this can be particularly challenging. When we realize all change starts from the inside, our approach becomes so much simpler creating more impact with less effort.
In this session, Jessie Sutherland will share insights and practical strategies to: * Build a culture of belonging from the inside out – starting with yourself, as a leader facilitating change. * Focus your efforts so you can address your priority people and culture challenges more effectively and with greater ease. * Navigate the challenges that get in the way of increasing belonging in the workplace * Attendees will learn about Jessie’s proven award-winning Belonging Matters framework and receive her Culture of Belonging Temperature Check which has led many of her clients to focus their efforts and receive innovation awards for the impact of their social change efforts, that create greater impact with less effort.

Track: Diversity & Innovation