Hear actual AI adoption trends to the HR function, how it’s reshaping job roles, and gain insights into HR strategies that can support AI-driven strategic initiatives from the top of some of Canada’s tech giants at Microsoft, EA and SAP. In addition to learning how Generative AI is enhancing the HR function today, we’ll explore how our tech businesses will be using AI in the future and how HR can support these strategic initiatives for our organizations and deal with issues including addressing fears amongst employees.


  • AI Impact on Job Roles and Workflows: Understand how AI is reshaping job roles and workflows in tech companies, learn how to identify which roles will be most affected and strategies to acknowledge the fear factor amongst employees.
  • Building an AI-Ready Workforce: Discover practical strategies for upskilling and reskilling your workforce to thrive in an AI-driven environment, including personalized learning paths and mentorship programs.
  • Ethical Considerations and AI Governance: Gain insights into ethical considerations and best practices for AI governance, and learn how HR can play a pivotal role in ensuring responsible and transparent AI implementation.