Tim Morton


Founder and President, Prompta

Tim Morton is a globally recognized M&A / PMI cultural integration and business transformation Thought Leader and the Founder & President of Prompta (Readiness in Latin). Established in 2008, Prompta is proudly Canada’s first certified diverse management consulting firm and was named the CGLCC’s 2018 Canadian LGBT+ Business Enterprise of the Year.  In 2018, under Tim’s leadership, Prompta AI was launched as an M&A / PMI accelerator, to improve culture integration success rates and synergies, allowing leaders to uncover deep insights, drive employee engagement and improve readiness for change.

Tim has successfully guided more than 30 global and national organizations across sectors, through challenging transitions, including M&A cultural integrations valued at $32 billion in aggregate. He is passionate about facilitating effective and lasting culture change, building capabilities and coaching leaders to thrive through change and disruption.  Tim’s life-long business focus is on improving work cultures and working lives.