Vanessa Judelman


President, Mosaic People Development

Hi! I am Vanessa Judelman. I’ve been a leadership facilitator and executive coach for over 20 years. I’ve authored a book about leadership and have led some terrific teams throughout my career.

I’m very passionate about working with leaders and giving them the tools and strategies that they need to be more self-aware, team focused and strategic! 

Since founding Mosaic People Development in 2011, I have trained & coached thousands of people to transition from “doers” to leaders in organizations like Motorola, HelloFresh, Four Seasons & Campbell’s Soup. I have had the good fortune of partnering with some of Canada’s top tech firms including Alida, ScotiaDigital, FreshBooks, Influitive and Eventmobi.

As an English major, graduating from McGill University a while back (call it sometime in the ‘90s!!!), I love to write! You might find me tapping away at my laptop while writing   my weekly blog or contributing to the Globe and Mail or National Post. If you listen to the morning show on CKNW, you maybe have heard me talk about the world of work over the airwaves too!

When not working, I live an active lifestyle watching and playing sports with my husband and two teenaged sons. I also love to read, eat sushi and enjoy the arts and culture.