Conference Overview

Since 2002, Tech Talent North (formerly known as the Tech Talent Conference) has been Western Canada’s favourite conference destination for tech sector people and culture leaders! We are very excited to launch this Eastern Edition of Tech Talent North. Now with Eastern and Western conferences happening annually, People and Culture leaders in tech have a great opportunity to connect with and learn from peers across the country.

Stephanie HollingsheadCEO at TAP Network 


Innovative & Inspiring Keynotes


Tactical Breakouts & Workshops


Peer-to-Peer Networking


4-Day Work Week

Dive into the real world 4-day work week: explore the pros, cons and what to consider in terms of the impact on staff, retention, productivity, and your bottom-line.  Learn about the different implementation options and how to assess if a condensed work week is right for your organization… or not.

Rethinking Total Rewards

Hear creative solutions to total rewards that are equitable and competitive. Compensation transparency, innovative ways to compete with global companies when you don’t have deep pockets and ways to throw a new lens on how we look at benefits.


Learn how to meet heightened expectations for improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, growing diversity at all levels, best practices, and reviewing policies for bias to attract and retain top talent, investors, and clients.  

HR Tech Stack

Explore the role of data and insights in the people ops space (including how to put a DEI lens on metrics and merging HR analytics with business analytics). Understand what data you should be tracking and how to maximize the ROI on that information.

Employer Branding & Growing Your Talent Pool

Innovations in recruiting includes strategies to adapt, evolve and build a strong employer brand that will catch the attention of top talent. A bad hire in tech is costly, so learn how to attract the right talent for your organization and be careful about the way you recruit, select and onboard new team members to ensure they have the right personality traits, competencies, and work style for your organization.

The Shifting Macro Talent Landscape

Workforces are rebalancing priorities in the context of their ‘how, what and why of work’. This, in combination with increasing inflation and unstable global conditions, is building pressure on talent pipelines. Hear how proactive employers are implementing more human-centred strategies to the changing world of work to secure their talent needs of the future.

Growth & Attrition Pains

Whether an organization is navigating rapid growth or big changes (such as downsizing, M&A, and outsourcing), HR is often at the heart of supporting the team through the complexities of these initiatives. Hear strategies on how to overcome common obstacles and things to consider to champion change.

Agile Leadership of Remote & Hybrid Teams

Leading teams in asynchronous and hybrid environments is here to stay. The transition to hybrid and distributed teams continues to push the limits of trust, inclusion, effective communication, accountability and the ability to create a strong team culture. Learn how to cultivate remote work competencies for you, your leaders and team.

Going Global

Expanding internationally can get messy fast!  Hear what you need to know and get a glimpse into what global expansion can look like in terms of cultural sensitivities, legal status, asynchronous communication, working in different time zones, etc. from your peers who have done it.


Removing barriers and bias for meetings, products, and recruiting can open floodgates of opportunities. Learn tactical ways to make people feel more at home at work, present information in a way that is more accessible to all and increase productivity and staff engagement by reviewing the language, tools and processes you use.

Retention & Curbing Employee Burnout

Creating a great employee experience, L&D opportunities, career pathing programs and a commitment to SEG & DEI initiatives are amongst some of the most popular strategies proven to lower employee turnover. As burnout continues to be a leading cause of resignations, innovations in mental health support are on the rise. Hear what other tech companies are offering, and what you can do to retain your top talent.

And More!

Tech Talent North is the go-to event for founders and HR execs who want to understand what it takes to effectively manage the people and culture of their tech company today and in the future.