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Tech Talent North (TTN)  is a unique event in Canada that leverages the power of our community. We are very excited to continue to bring People & Culture leaders together during our Eastern Edition of Tech Talent North in Toronto. Now with Eastern and Western conferences happening annually, this community has a great opportunity to connect with and learn from peers across the country.

Stephanie HollingsheadCEO at TAP Network 


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Peer-to-Peer Networking


Rebuilding Culture After Layoffs

Discover practical approaches and proven strategies for HR professionals to rebuild and strengthen organizational culture following layoffs. Learn how to navigate the emotional aftermath, foster resilience, and re-engage employees, fostering a positive and thriving work environment.

Impact of AI in Tech Talent Management

Explore the influence of AI on the HR space and how it will impact future workforce planning. Hear predicted trends in automation, team composition, skills assessment, company culture, communications, physical workspace, productivity assessment and more to future proof your organization.


Gain strategies and insights into how maximize DEI & Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives for sustainable growth and enhanced organizational resilience.

Building Your HR Tech Stack

Explore the role of data and insights in the people ops space (including how to put a DEI lens on metrics and merging HR analytics with business analytics and pay equity). Understand the impact of tracking certain metrics and how to maximize the ROI on that information.

Elevating HR's Influence & Impact

Gain valuable insights and actionable to enhance influence and impact within the C-suite. Discover how to effectively align HR strategies with organizational goals, communicate value propositions, and cultivate meaningful partnerships with top executives, ultimately positioning HR as a strategic driver of business success.

Operationalizing Pay Transparency

Learn practical strategies for implementing pay transparency initiatives in your organization including navigating legal and cultural considerations and different approaches that can be taken.

Fostering Indigenous Tech Talent

Develop a deeper cultural understanding of Indigenous peoples and how to attract and retain them in the tech sector.

And More!

Tech Talent North is the go-to event for founders and HR execs who want to understand what it takes to effectively manage the people and culture of their tech company today and in the future.

Design your personalized learning experience based on your primary track of interest.

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Engagement & Culture