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Since 2002, Tech Talent North (formerly known as the Tech Talent Conference) has been Western Canada’s favourite conference destination for tech sector people and culture leaders! Now with Eastern and Western conferences happening annually, People and Culture leaders in tech have a great opportunity to connect with and learn from peers across the country.

Stephanie HollingsheadCEO at TAP Network 


Innovative & Inspiring Keynotes


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Peer-to-Peer Networking


The Great Stagnation

Meeting demands for career advancement in times of slow economic growth, doing ‘more with less’, and the challenge of diminishing innovation requires adaptive strategies to reignite sustainable growth of the tech sector. Learn how to navigate ‘The Great Stagnation’.


DEI Challenges

Explore strategies to sustain DEI initiatives during recessionary times and tactics to address possible pushback and polarization within your organization. Learn tips to mitigate resistance, foster inclusivity amidst adversity to ensure long-term organizational resilience and success.  

AI Infused HR

Hear which AI tools and innovations are being used to enhance talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management. Explore bias mitigation, privacy considerations, and explore real life examples of practical applications and ethical considerations of AI integration in HR practices. 


High-pressure work environments, long hours and cutbacks are leading to declining mental health and increased burnout in the tech industry workforce. Hear actionable insights into trauma informed leadership and stress management techniques to improve productivity, employee well-being, and increase retention rates. 

Navigating Equity

Learn to foster inclusivity and address systemic disparities with pay transparency, inclusive benefits, and strategies for supporting underrepresented groups like mothers returning to work and indigenous tech talent. Attendees will gain practical insights and actionable strategies to create more equitable workplaces and drive innovation through diversity. 

Hybrid Dynamics

Explore communication strategies, tactics to foster team cohesion, and technologies that can bridge the gap between remote and in-person employees. Gain practical insights to navigate the complexities of hybrid work, optimize team performance, ensure equity amongst all workers and grow employee engagement. 

Next-Gen Skills

Strategies to stay ahead of the curve and prepare your workforce for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow's tech landscape. Hear predicted trends in automation, identifying and cultivating skills essential for emerging industries, adapting to evolving job roles, fostering intergenerational collaboration, and leveraging AI to future proof your organization.  

And More!

Tech Talent North is the go-to event for founders and HR execs who want to understand what it takes to effectively manage the people and culture of their tech company today and in the future. 

Design your personalized learning experience based on your primary track of interest.

Competing for Talent

Diversity & Innovation


Engagement & Culture