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Since 2002, Tech Talent North (formerly known as the Tech Talent Conference) has been Western Canada’s favourite conference destination for tech sector people and culture leaders! Now with Eastern and Western conferences happening annually, People and Culture leaders in tech have a great opportunity to connect with and learn from peers across the country.

Stephanie HollingsheadCEO at TAP Network 


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Managing Rising Employee Expectations

Tactical tips to recognize and manage rising employee expectations regarding issues such as ESG, communication, flexible working arrangements, shared values, higher pay, and increased support for mental health in the workplace.

From Quiet Quitting to Quiet Hiring

Futureproof your workforce by upskilling current employees and moving them to new roles or focus areas to fit new or evolving business needs.  Hear how this quiet hiring increases engagement and employee motivation as workers step back from the ‘work hustle’ mindset.


Strategies for improving ESG factors, growing diversity at all levels, reviewing policies for bias and implementing an equitable and transparent pay philosophy.

Fostering Indigenous Tech Talent

Develop a deeper cultural understanding of Indigenous peoples and how to attract and retain them in the tech sector.

Building Your HR Tech Stack

Explore the role of data and insights in the people ops space (including how to put a DEI lens on metrics and merging HR analytics with business analytics and pay equity). Understand the impact of tracking certain metrics and how to maximize the ROI on that information.

EDIB in Recessionary Times

Cutbacks in a downturn economy can present a unique opportunity to make strides forward in your EDIB goals and initiatives (or at least not lose ground!). Prioritizing DEI has the potential to build your brand reputation, long-term talent pools and customer base—all of which sets companies up to increase their revenue and create more diverse workplaces in the long term.

Future Workforce

Preparing to build an effective workplace for 2030 starts today.  Hear predicted trends in automation, team composition, skills assessment, company culture, communications, physical workspace, productivity assessment and more to future proof your organization.

Change Management

Learn why people hold on to barriers to organizational change, and how to win buy-in while maintaining trust in times of cutbacks and uncertainty in the volatile tech industry.

Technical Talent in a Down Economy

Reconstructing how you recruit and retaining engineers and other tech talent in a down economy may determine the success or failure of your business.  Hear why traditional methods, like relying on external recruiters or inbound applications, won’t cut it anymore.

And More!

Tech Talent North is the go-to event for founders and HR execs who want to understand what it takes to effectively manage the people and culture of their tech company today and in the future.

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